Game State Preventing Ticks

I’ve been experiencing a very annoying problem in which all of my ticks stop working. It took some trial and error but I discovered that when I use a custom GameState, all of my ticks stop. I was able to reproduce it by creating a blank project, then adding game mode and game state blueprints followed by a player character with just a print string call on the tick. When I tell the game mode to use the game state the tick is no longer called. Then, just to be certain it wasn’t a problem with only player characters, I created an actor that also calls print string on it’s tick and added it to the scene and again, nothing. The moment I return to the default GameState it works again.

Hey TheArchive,

I’ve reproduced your issue and entered a bug report which you can track using the link below:

Thanks for your report!

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Any news on this?
The issue tracker says “won’t fix”.
I get similar behavior in 4.15.1.
Is there a workaround?

I use GameStateBase as opposed to GameState. It seems to work that way.