Game start

Zach Parrish has a youtube video of opening a door. He uses blue prints adding an being overlap and end overlap plus a timeline to help the door open and close. He attaches everything to a game start node. This helps the door open and close but it only works for one door. Of you make another door and try to attach everything to the game start node it will only attach to one thing. Is there anyway to have some type of add or multiply so multiple items can use the game start node? I would like multiple moving doors using the timeline approach. It’s fast and easy. Can someone at Epic Games try and make the game start node so you can drag it to as many things as you need to??
I Love Unreal Engine 4:)

What is the problem you run into?

You can use a Sequence node to run multiple things in response to a particular event in a particular blueprint.

Or you can build a Blueprint of the door, and hook up the necessary items in the construction blueprint.


If you want these are multiple doors, you really wouldn’t need it for what you’re suggesting. At least not from what I can tell. If you creat 1 door blueprint that has all the component you need to open a door (a trigger box, the door, and the instructions to open the door when triggered) you wouldn’t need to have 10 in one BP. You would have the one in this BP and then create either a BP child to have different settings or straight out copy it and alter the settings for each one. They would all individually have the event begin play node in their BP.

I hope that makes sense. If you need further help I can see what I can do to help you if you can explain a reason you would need to have all 10 in one BP that way.

Thank you!