Game Start questions

Is there an area, blueprint, or otherwise (tutorial?), where I can create the logic for the very beginning of the game: splash screen, main menu, level select etc? Just trying to learn the ropes, and want to have some of this basic stuff worked in, such as a simple level select screen for starters.

Edit: Having a simple level select screen in the example content (if its not there) would be really helpful to understanding the ue4 workflows, etc.)

Not yet, but you will need to learn about HUD/UI functions like Draw Text, Draw Texture and hitbox … plus getting the cursor on screen, pausing the game, besides the flow logic stuff. That is a good first step.

I’m pretty sure, for level select, you would have a master/persistent level with not too much in it, and then Stream a level depending on which button you click in a menu.
In UDK this’d be pretty easy, but in UE4 I haven’t tried it as yet.

Try this:

Thank you Tom for the link, I had in fact already built a simple HUD based off of the same level you demonstrated in the video, very good video btw. This is what lead me to ask my question about the basic game logic around building start menus and level select screens and such. Since I haven’t worked with ue3/udk in the past I was wondering if there was something that already existed to allow me to do this (I’ve rolled my own game engines in the past and it’s one of the bases upon which I build my games: create game flow etc). I will give your suggestion a try though. How was this done in udk?