Game Splash screen Branding

I was wondering does the Game Splash Screen Banner fall under branding licensing? since it has the unreal logo in it…

Do i have to change it or can i leave it?

Splash.bmp (352 KB)

For engine licensees under the EULA, you are obligated to give credit to the engine and Epic pursuant to Section 11. But the EULA doesn’t come with a trademark license so you’re not permitted to do a UE4 (or similar) splash screen without additional agreement. The trademark license is on the pagethat you referenced and it can be easily filled out. After that, you just need to let us know what you intend to do so that we can approve it.

THe oher question here is…

Who would not love to give Epicgames Unrealengine a huge credit?
And why should Epicgames restrict the way they are credited?

Because of the way trademark law works. They have to ensure that their brand is represented correctly, even down to ensuring that the logo is displayed in a way that fits with their trademark guidelines. I.E. you can’t have the logo be wider or shorter than it should be, etc.

For reasons like this Epic Games distances itself from ultraviolent mass-murder game Hatred (update) - Polygon

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