I am attempting to upload my game to perforce however I am running into major issues. I find it very confusing. Is there anyone who is an expert at source control I can hire to upload my game to perforce?? Desperate and more than willing to pay.

I’ve worked my ■■■ off on a game alone for the past two years, now its time for a team but I can’t even figure out how to share the ■■■■ game.

Help please!

Trailer and demo of game

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Do you have the server and client installed?
There are some good videos out there on Perforce.
If you want to show your game online, you can use, where you upload, send a link and receivers of link can interact with it.

Yes I have the server and client installed. I have watched 3 diff tutorials and it’s just not working for me man. I can’t figure it out. I need help. Doing all of this myself is so overwhelming its melting my brain lol.

I can imagine, a bit daunting when you don’t know.
I can lend a hand tomorrow morning.

Yes absolutely. I’m a filmmaker and a music producer so I’m already under enough stress. Thank you so much man! I appreciate it! I will be standing by.

Cool, I’ll ping you when ready. Speak tomorrow…

Fa sho!!

Hi @Pat_Streater

I created this Job Aid: HOW TO USE logo.png (P4) IN UNREAL ENGINE 4 to walk new team members through Perforce setup. In most cases its a Firewall or Port Forwarding setup issue. Things can get confusing if you’re hosting the Server and Client on the same workstation. Hopefully this helps. If you need further assistance, lets discord.

You the man brotha! I’ma check this out right now! Adding you to discord.

Did you manage to work it out via the link provided by TechLord?

Not yet! I have to clean out my C drive (got a ton of music stuff in there) will keep you updated. Fingers crossed!

Ok, best of luck with it.