[GAME] Snowball Effect

I loved working on my UE4Jam Dec '16 entry so much, that I now have a beta version with new content and improvements.

Get the Beta on for free

The game is about steering a snowball down a lane, while it gets bigger and harder to steer.

What has changed?
I’ve added a couple of things since the game jam. Some of those include: New look, new steering (using impulse now instead of torque, which feels a lot better), new effects, a world & level system with level-selection, unique look per world, a spline-system to create the lanes and a lot of minor improvements.

What’s coming up?
My goals are to add more levels and features. One of the things I’d love to implement is a level editor, so that everyone can create lanes in the game and share them.
I will update this version on over the next months while I work on the game in my spare time.

I’d love to get feedback from you guys!