[Game] Sketched: Loot Kings

Hey Guys!

This is my new project that has been in development for a few months. It is a 2D platform game that focuses on bragging rights as you loot, earn points and fight to become the highest and best on the leader boards!

Game Details
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, AndroidTab.
Release date: TBD 2015-2016
Genre: 2D Action, Adventure, Platforming game.

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Hi Goldenhead! That’s a nice style you have there, I like it! If I may give my personal advice, I think that the castle that we see shortly after 2min is too dense and dark, and is not working good when the character walks in front of it. I would try to make it “lighter”, with a much less dense pattern for the bricks.

Other then that, really nice work so far, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your reply and I will take that advice into consideration and try to fix that problem :slight_smile: