[GAME] Sheep Collision

Sheep Collision is a party game for up to 4 human (online) or computer-controlled players. The game features several different levels in which the goal is to defeat opponents by push them out of the meadow or otherwise. The last player standing wins the round and the first player to win a set number of rounds wins the game. The main mode of play is Free for All, but online is possible 2v2 teams.


  • Every level have different type of game modes

  • Sheep with unique skins and accessories

  • Interesting ways to defeat opponents

  • Single player, Lan or Online up to 4 players

  • Free for All or 2v2 teams (online)

  • Random reward boxes that can give you an advantage or worst

  • Steam Achievements

  • Steam Leaderboards

  • Steam Cloud

  • Partial Controller Support: Xbox 360, Xbox One (native support) or PS3, PS4 (with SCPDS3, DS4Windows, XOutput, x360ce)

Steam: Sheep Collision on Steam