GAME/SCENE - Woodland Park - Work In Progress!

Woodland Park

*Woodland Park is a story driven survival campaign told in first-person narrative and set in a wooded area deep in the American hills. The protagonist, explorer and ex military Jax Upshore, is woken up by what only he can describe as the worst war zone his ever been in. With only a few weapons, players have to navigate the rough and ransacked environment with only a flashlight and what they carry.

Jax carries on him a flashlight, a camcorder and a notepad. Players will have to choose wisely as to either document the exploration via the camcorder or via the notepad as supplies are limited. Batteries are used to power the flashlight and the camcorder, but out in the wilderness, there is not much to scavenge.*

**Progress -

Starting Cut Scene (X)
Additional Cut Scenes (X)
End Cut Scene (X)

Starting Environment (X)
Main Environment (X)

Character Design (and working in-game) (X)

Flashlight Design (and working in-game) (X)
Camcorder Design (and working in-game) (X)
Additional Props/Assets (X)

Blueprinting (X)


Please see some screenshots of below of the progress so far! Will be updated daily!

**Lighting in the scene/screenshots are for testing purposes only, all lighting within the game will be set at night, mostly dark areas with minimal light 50% of the time.
*95% of assets used in the game will be from the marketplace or free from Unreal themselves!
*Anybody that would like to help with development please drop me a message! (all unpaid work unless the game makes money)
*Please only construction criticism, being horrible gets me no-where!

*Thank you!