[Game] "Scaring Darkness Away" First Person Horror Game

Hi Everybody,

After a year learning Blueprints, I’ve started this project three month ago.

It’s a basic First Person horror game, based on light mechanics.

I’m a very bad designer so all the visual content comes from stock/free assets, sound design too, I’ve still got alot of work on it.

I decided to use a Character Mesh, so now I’m lacking of animations: Pickup, Camera On/Off, Reload, Interact, etc…

I’ve just recorded a “playthrough” of my actual demo level, it has no story and nothing to do with the main story I wrote, this is just a gameplay mechanics demo even if I forgot to show some.


Camera with night vision
Hiding mechanics
Leaning mechanics
Climbing, Parkour ( Jump over, slip underneath, tight space ) still working on it
Throwing objects, Glowsticks slow the ennemi, if in contact too long, it detroys it. Bottle make noise and distract ennemi.
Moving objects

AI with AI perception, can patrol, search, chase, awareness increase with sound too, visible only by camera, hurt by light, got the ability to turn light off, explained in the story.

Camera/Map puzzles
Random loot location
3 Save/Load slots, keeping spawn locations, don’t respawn picked up item, save all interactable states ( doors openned/closed, locked/unlocked, lights, keypads, movable objects locations… )

Notes are blank because my English is aweful but it’s here to help to solve puzzles, puzzles/sequences are not well done like some visuals, I need to improve thoses clearly. Sound levels need a bit of work too.

Then I’m just a newbie, one year I’m watching videos/documents tutorials, come here to ask questions, All I’ve done was allowed by community help.

You’ll clearly see Outlast Inspiration, that’s one of my favorite game with the penumbra serie but I think it lack of mechanics like in amnesia for example, I try to AIM this quality, even if I’m alone working on it.

I was just bored of bad Indie Horror games with cheap jumpscares, non sense scenario and none AI. My AI is still very bugged like you’ll can see in the video, but I want it in my game.
I know I can do better in post processing, and I’ll see how I can have unique assets, maybe I’ll try to learn how to use 3d modeler softs.

I hope this was not too long but I wanted to explain everything.
You can check my previous video if you want to see all the mechanics without gameplay.

Please give me feedback, mostly if it’s to tell me what to improve, the title makes sense? should I had more interaction hints? blinking materials for interactable is ok?

And if you can recommand me any good Level Design tutorial, I’ve found alot of good coding/blueprint tutos but none level design one.

I don’t know why it adds me two videos and I’m unable to edit it or to make it work, use the upper link or watch it two post below.

Join our discord server to give your impressions and follow the evolution of the game ;

Thanks and Enjoy!

Features Edited, I’ve edited the vidéo too but it won’t work in the first post, You can watch it here

And if you’ve got an idea for the name, I’m in lack of imagination for this.