[Game] Savor The Light - Platform/Adventure game (To help covid-19 relief organizations)

So yesterday i decided to create a platform adventure game , gain some hype , and use that hype to raise some funds for Covid-19 relief organizations around the world.
I have a steam license sitting there and nothing better to do , so i will pledge 50% of profits from my project to Covid-19 relief / vaccine , my thoughts 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Now onto the game , It is a 3d Platform adventure game with elements of puzzle and Rpg added into it “Savor The Light” . (you will get an idea why it is titled that from the videos linked)

This is just over 24hrs into development but it is fun to play , looks good and feels good , has challenge and is easy for anyone to pickup casual or hardcore. (imo)

First gameplay video

Boss Battle

I guess you could say it is a cross between Mario and Zelda , it feels fun to play so far and looks decent. (note it is just over 24hrs into development so i know it’s not perfect, but it’s a start, and i hope it progresses further so i can help those people in need the most)


UPDATE Have worked on polish and world design , added a main start menu (very basic atm), a dialogue system (for interaction and story updating during play) , and have a new gameplay video :slight_smile:

New gameplay video:

**UPDATE: **Released a first version for the game jam i started this project at (it was a 10day jam) on website. Savor The Light by Devolve

This isn’t the final version of this project and is still in development, story needs work , but i needed to release something for the Jam.