Game saving and loading in editor but not on android device

I’ve mostly been testing in editor since I don’t have an android device handy and the things that I do need to test natively like ads and IAPs I use and emulator for. my problem is that in editor, the game works flawlessly, it saves and loads the variables I specify without problems, however when I build the game and test it on my emulator the game doesn’t save anymore.
at first I thought maybe it was a problem with the emulator so I had a friend download it and test it on his device, same problem.
my setup for saving is as follows, in the begin play event, I look for an existing saved game, if there is one I save it to a variable, if there isn’t I create one, when I need to save I just modify the value of the variable I want in the saved game variable I created in the previous step and then call the “Save game to slot” function.
I’m really stuck here so any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Note: after doing much testing I found out that I can save just fine on the main menu map, daily rewards save perfectly and so do rewarded ads, saving level progress in other maps is where the problem is.

I’m using UE 4.19