[Game] Samsara

Hi guys, lurker and UE4 newb since 2014 here. I just wanted to say thank you to the community for the posts you guys make helping solve problems and sharing information and best practices. Huge thank you to Epic Games and the Unreal Engine team that make this all possible.

Over the summer I quit my job as a teacher of games to lead a team of student and graduates to produce a game prototype for the UK Games Fund’s Tranzfuser programme. Please support us by giving your thoughts and opinions on this early showing and let us know what you think. We didn’t win the Tranfuser competition for grant funding but I am going to continue to fund the development myself, working towards a solid vertical slice.

Please note the art direction is not final and we have a long way to go but you can play our game by registering your email with us (to show your interest - no spam) and in turn we’ll send you the link to the pre-alpha build shown in the videos. You can also vote for us before 12 noon (BST) today if you’d like to show support to the project or just tweet @INFINITY27LTD with your thoughts/feedback:

Once again, thank you.

Love & Respect,