[game] russia 2055

**RUSSIA 2055 **

Russia 2055 is a futuristic first person shooter Ive been developing for the past few months.

I don’t post much, so Im not sure how much traffic this forum gets, or if it appeals to my targeted demographic, but id like to push this out there. You can also follow my Twitter and Youtube for frequent updates on the project.
Any support is welcomed!…confirmation=1

I can tell you’ve poured loads of love into this, but I’d really recommend toning down the post processes a little, they’re getting to the stage where they detract from the aesthetic rather than adding anything to it.

Thank you for the feedback sir, Too much vignette and chromatic aberration? From the feedback ive gathered from other websites is that there is too much motion blur, and poor color-grading on Russia 2055. I will work and fix, I just want to gather as much feedback as I can

Why would chromatic aberration exist in the first place? It’s one of the worst effects ever and has no business being in games…

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Cool, looks sick! Ignore the naysayers and do your own thing, they are probably just jealous…

I doubt they’re jealous.

I’m jealous. Looking good. Very Inspirational for Solo development. Our Sci Fi FTPS ExORION takes place in the year 2048. We elected that year because its a Power of 2. hehe. Curious, why did you select the date of 2055?

Thank you, Im really giving 100% effort

This really really cool man!

The mech movement looking really heavy. Impressive!


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RUSSIA 2055 Trailer

Any support is welcomed!…confirmation=1

I’ll second toning down the post process. The assets etc are all really awesome, but the extremely heavy-handed chromatic aberration and other post processing just detracts from the visuals.

I’m loving the look. I’m too new to be able to say whether it’s too over the top FX wise, but it looks cool for sure.

Just grabbed the demo, we can just walk around right? guess i’m a bit lost ^^

I too think this looks amazing. Absolutely LOVE the Mech and enemy ALIEN design. How long has 2055 been in the dev phase? Cannot wait to try this! as well, love what you have done with the movement in the 1st person views. VERY natural and immersive! The way the gun movement in your hands is done. Love it! not only will this rock the 1st person players, but those with VR headsets will finall see how its done if this game gets a VR release as well. ;p