Game runs in Editor and as Standalone but not Packaged

I am sure that this problem has been addressed a number of times, but currently I couldn’t find any solutions to my problem.

I am making a super simple endless runner 2D game. It contains only two levels, one with a start menu and another as the game world. Running in the editor, I can run the game fine. Running in standalone is fine as well. After packaging, the game runs into some problems. The start menu runs fine, but when I click on a button that should open the game world level, it redirects me to, what I assume to be a default version of the level.

I will post the logs made. After viewing the output log created when packaging, some warnings I noticed were that I needed VS 2015 installed. Could this be the only issue? I am a n00b at UE4 and game development in general, so I would appreciate any guidance.

Thank you in advance!