[GAME] Root Beer On Tap - VR, Blueprint & C++

Hi all, I’m a solo dev working on a VR recreation of Root Beer Tapper in my spare time, which I’m calling Root Beer On Tap. The goal is to toss mugs of soda down the counters to thirsty customers, who walk back towards the door as they drink. If you can get all customers out the door at the same time you win the round. So I’m focused on short but active play sessions and an arcade-y feel. This is my first serious attempt at putting together and finishing a game outside of my day job as an AR app developer and UE4 Technical Artist. I’ve been working on it for about half a year now during nights and weekends. As I gear up for the first public demo, in a bit more than a month, I wanted to post it here for comments and feedback. Right now it’s running with the control scheme tuned to an HTC Vive and Knuckles controllers, I hope to add Oculus Rift and Windows MR support if I get access to those headsets. The game will have multiple environments, Can-Can dances, bonus mini games, and various environmental hazards.

A trailer showing the first couple levels can be viewed here:


I also post updates to the game to my twitter account if you’re interested:


Thanks for taking a look!