Game restarts on screen lock vs pause game

I’m sure this is more simple than I’m making it out to be. But running into issue where if you lock screen in game it does not pause game, but instead restarts game when bringing it back up…

Anyone have fix for this

little bump anyone else have this issue??

The problem with your free memory to keep application in RAM cache.

  1. Optimize your RAM usage in game (e.g. decrease numbers of LODs).
  2. Process ApplicationShouldUnloadResourcesDelegate event.

Or on Android side:

  1. Configure your build.prop to lazy control RAM usage.
  2. Set the background process limit to standard in developer mode settings.
  3. Deactivate background apps which consume memory in cache.

To control pause in game when you turn off screen or rolled app or something else, you must use ApplicationWillDeactivateDelegate and ApplicationWillEnterBackgroundDelegate.