Game Ready VR Guns

I’ve been working on this project for a few months now. I’ve submitted it, and am waiting for the result :slight_smile:

Heres the preview:


  • 4 Guns Included - AK47, M14, UMP45, Stakeout (Adding custom weapons is super easy and video documentation will be made for this)

  • Red Dot Sight (Uses depth offset to get a real holographic feel)

  • Silencer (Hides muzzle flash and changes sound of gunshots)

  • Sniper Scope (Uses a render target to zoom, and zoom level can be customized in editor)

  • Laser (Uses a Particle Emitter to cast a laser, making shots more accurate)

  • Spray painting guns using a Spray Can to create whatever custom camos you desire for your weapon

  • Plenty of FX, including different impact particles for different surfaces that have been shot at

  • Visually customize damage falloff at range using a UI Graph in the editor

  • Framework to make adding custom attachments very easy, and with lots of control over what an attachment does to the gun

  • Fully Animated hands - trigger updates in real time as your press it down

  • Very easy to customize ammo in magazines, recoil amounts, etc - no scripting required

Feedback would be lovely, thanks all :smiley:

Would love any feedback on this if anyone has any suggestions or anything :slight_smile:

was this ever released. it looks like it has useful stuff in it