Game-Ready Assets?

I’m having a hard time, as a newcomer to game development, finding realistic and high quality game-ready assets that I can download for free. I’ve downloaded all of the free content from the Marketplace but many of the assets there, like trees, are too few and very low-poly.

Where can I get some game-ready assets that are of a higher quality? I’m mainly looking for foliage like trees, grass, and rocks. Additionally, where I can I download high-quality textures for free?


Nowhere as long as I know.

You can find free content, but you need to adjust it, edit it, enhance it and so on…

Textures from :// and ://texturer/ tho I Don’t know what you mean by high-quality

Here’s one great 3D search engine.


But you need to put some your own work if you want to make them look good or even work at least.

However, I think you can create awesome levels or build experience on your level design skills with the free content in the marketplace. I’ve seen people creating scenes with way less assets.

There’s just no reason for people to create free content about UE4, if they have a chance to put it on the marketplace and earn some cash. That’s why the game development industry is so hard, because you need at least some decent manpower to achieve some good results.

You are not going to find many High Quality game ready assets for free.

For Rocks and Tress … try Forester Pro and Medusa Pro from HPTWare.

For textures, use Game Textures … I have had an account with them for a while and their textures are very good quality.

Also remember to check the license of the FREE assets that you do find … they might restrict what you can do with them.

Take a look at those sites:

Unfortunately there are nearly no game-ready assets around (just on the marketplace) -> you will always have to modify them (decrease tri count, collision, lightmap)

Even turbosquid high priced assets ($50+) will still require some positioning/separation and manual import work. But I’ll be damned if its not worth every penny.

I know how you feel this is my fist venture into games as well. You can find good content scattered around the net. But by the time you spend looking for it you could of made it your self.
I can only speak myself. I am crating the “large” items myself e.g building and landscape assets. Because you want your game to look different. And the smaller items I will probably look at buying if the price is right. The only reason so far I have purchased things from the marketplace is to learn how other people do it. The only other thing I can say is Google is my best friend.
anther way of looking at it is try and find things to make your life essayer, Not that’s going to do it fir you.

@sarfios thanks for sharing the links

Can you share what you are looking for in determining if a model is “Game Ready”? We can try to create a filter on our site based on these requirements. Thanks.

If you look on the SpeedTree site, they offer a few free UE4 ready trees. :slight_smile:

But also, making tree’s and grass with SpeedTree is a breeze so I would recommend subscribing for a month…for rocks you could make some quite easily using a free modelling software such as Sculptris or Blender, I believe there are loads of rock generator scripts available for Blender too so no actual modelling would need to be done.

I’d say, use what basic assets you can to practice making basic stuff in unreal engine 4, and when your comfortable enough with yourself, find an artist you can work with, and work with them. Or you could always make the assets yourself if you want to invest time into learning how todo so.