[GAME] qBit - Android Game [Free]

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! :slight_smile:
I just wanted to show off my Android game - qBit - It released last sunday, and this week have been filled with gameplay patches, minor bug fixes, and tweaks!
Its a Reaction based puzzle with simplistic but (hopefully) beautiful art style. It’s also super easy to pick up, but difficult to master! :slight_smile:
I’m quite happy with the result so far, although it’s not 100% finished, there are still a couple of features I want to add, like cosmetics and new level backgrounds.
It’s all made in blueprints, with some Unreal Marketplace sounds!

If you get the chance to check it out that would be AWESOME! and if you have feedback, THAT’S WAY MORE AWESOME!
Thanks for reading and checking it out!