Game Project using Blueprints and iClone Unreal Live Link

I’m pretty new to UE4, but this year I started exploring and building up various skills that will assist me on my game making adventure.

There is so much to digest, but I am** learning as much as I can** and focusing on building a single, functioning level, steeped in a cinematic atmosphere. I have a lot to learn, but I will be pushing myself very hard to build a more complete, story driven game using the fantastic Marketplace tools & custom Blueprints.

Being an artist I am doing things very backwards by focusing on visuals, but it has me excited and given me that extra motivation! I blame Brushify for making such beautiful landscape tools! Now that I know a wee bit about the art aspect, I will be returning to core game-play prototyping, animation and level design. Good, fun game-play and storytelling is what I like, so I will fine-tune my focus until I get that in place.

I have included a short glimpse at very Early UE4 Game Development/Exploration footage; demonstrating my experiments using Reallusion software to create and animate original characters based off of my concepts. For me, testing this workflow has opened up crazy, amazing possibilities to create and integrate my own original characters into Unreal quickly. As you will see in the video, I really have to stop myself from just doing only that! :smiley:


The FPS game-play sections are captured in-game test footage.

Great example of combining Unreal Engine with iClone Live Link, ZBrush and Character Creator 3!