Hello guys,

Anouncement : We have published a new test build on steam which is available for download. Check out our discord server for more informations: Quarantine !

This is the official development forum of my current game “PROJECT QUARANTINE”. I’ve been working on this for more than 1 year now and made lately some good progress. The focus of the game will be pvpve with up to 4 teams. I’ll try to deliver the player a very smooth and polished tactical fps experience with the twist of fighting against several other player teams and NPC’s.

DISCLAIMER: I’m using some assets, especially for animations/characters/environment, otherwise the scope of the whole project would not be possible for me.

latest dev log :

If you have more questions about me, the game, the assets I use, feel free to ask! I love to hear your feedback!

You can also write me privately via discord: #4964​

Cheers, and stay healthy guys!


dev log #2:

In this dev log I worked on numerous issues, especially replication and 3d person animations. The 3d person animations are the same first-person animations but blended with a 3d person animation to make it look a little bit better. Replication works almost perfect for now and I will work on optimizing the game and make the gameplay smoother as well as on the AI in the next week. Also, I have to admit all the systems that are shown here in the video are not made in one week :stuck_out_tongue: I had many of them already implemented and just modified them and updated them.

Hello once again :slight_smile:

I’ve posted another dev log on youtube. I hope you like it and as always feedback is very welcome!


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Hello guys, new dev log is out :slight_smile: I added a bunch of new weapons, reworked the recoil, adjusted weapon/hand positions, added a new prone system and more … as always any feedback would be very appreciated!

dev log #5:

Hello guys,

It’s been a while since the last video, but for good reasons, I’ve been working really hard to implement a new inventory system for the game. As you probably can tell it is inspired by Tarkov. You are able to modify/inspect/drag&drop your items and equip your character to your needs. Looting other players as well as KI is also supported as well as damage reduction through armor, movement speed calculated by the weight of your inventory and mag management. The whole system is based on the awesome asset from Kaiddom called Jigsaw Inventory System (available on the marketplace). It has a ton of features and is rather easy to implement with your own character, also the support from him is very good.

There are still some bugs, maybe you are able to see some in the video, and I will add grenades/equipment slots and medicine stuff for the next video together with some bug fixing.

Any feedback and honest opinions are as always more than welcome!

dev log #6:

Hello Guys,

This is now already my 6th dev log and I’m very proud of how much progress the game made over the past couple of weeks. Since the last video I put a lot of work into refining and bug fixing the inventory, there is still a long way to go but nonetheless, it is getting closer to where it should be. I added a preview for the character as well as all the weapons attachments plus the grenades I had also previously. Known bugs are the weird elbow due to the false weight painting of the upper arm from the anims, and that the preview sometimes is buggy. Also, I have for now some problems with the LOD’s for the preview which I hopefully fix pretty soon. I will work the next few days on fixing all the bugs and finalizing the demo level and some very basic single-player loop before we go on to the next big step, the multiplayer.

Any feedback and honest opinions are as always more than welcome!

dev log #7:

Hello Guys, This is now the first gameplay of our demo build. It includes a working gun/inventory system and a small demo map where you can fight against AI and you have to finish a mission to save your loot. Please note that I am a very bad player and everything you see is not final at all! Also the game has some huge optimization steps ahead, right now performance is unfortunately not there. If you want to join us on our journey of Quarantine please join our discord server : . You can follow the #demo-guide channel to secure a key and download the test build via steam. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Also as always any feedback and honest opinions more than welcome!

dev log #8

Hello Guys,

It’s been a long time since the last video, but we added a bunch of features in the last couple of weeks, which are finally ready to be shown off. First of all, we added new friends & party invite system, with an additional iteration over the main menu. We added several gadgets, like a drone, mine, barricades, and more. All these gadgets are shown off in the video and are already replicated. We also overhauled the AI, it acts now more reasonably and attacks the player by flanking him, this is done by multiple EQS queries. A more in-depth video about AI might come in the future. We also added a new sway mechanic for FP and changed the lighting and landscape material of the demo map. We are now using Virtual Textures to have a better performance as well as nicer blend effects and an overall nicer-looking environment.

dev log #9:

Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since the last video, but I take some time to improve nearly all aspects of the game and come back now with a big update. I reworked especially the gunplay & the AI, made a new map (Blockout only for now), and added new mechanics like ladder climbing, opening doors, health injection & more. I really hope you like the new update!