Hello guys,

This is the official development forum of my current game “PROJECT QUARANTINE”. I’ve been working on this for more than 1 year now and made lately some good progress. The focus of the game will be pvpve with up to 4 teams. I’ll try to deliver the player a very smooth and polished tactical fps experience with the twist of fighting against several other player teams and NPC’s. In the first dev log I focused on my attachment system which is inspired by games like Tarkov or insurgency sandstorm.

DISCLAIMER: I’m using some assets, especially for animations/characters/environment, otherwise the scope of the whole project would not be possible for me.

If you have more questions about me, the game, the assets I use, feel free to ask! I love to hear your feedback!

You can also write me privately via discord: #4964​](

Cheers, and stay healthy guys!


dev log #2:

In this dev log I worked on numerous issues, especially replication and 3d person animations. The 3d person animations are the same first-person animations but blended with a 3d person animation to make it look a little bit better. Replication works almost perfect for now and I will work on optimizing the game and make the gameplay smoother as well as on the AI in the next week. Also, I have to admit all the systems that are shown here in the video are not made in one week :stuck_out_tongue: I had many of them already implemented and just modified them and updated them.

Hello once again :slight_smile:

I’ve posted another dev log on youtube. I hope you like it and as always feedback is very welcome!


Hello guys, new dev log is out :slight_smile: I added a bunch of new weapons, reworked the recoil, adjusted weapon/hand positions, added a new prone system and more … as always any feedback would be very appreciated!