[GAME] Project Nephesh (working title) [vertical shmup]

Hello all,

We are actively working on our next game,** Project Nephesh** (working title), a vertical shmup.


Our influences are danmaku or bullet hell, but we want to bring something everyone can enjoy, new comers as hardcore gamers.

The final game will provide Story mode (satisfying difficulty), Arcade mode (normal to hardcore difficulty), training and more…


Game is still in alpha,** this is a vertical slice** we are aiming to propose to publishers (2 min gameplay). The goal is to find fundings and to ship the most polished game before the end of 2021 / early 2022. For now we are aiming all current platforms (PC, PS4, XboxOne and Switch) but why not switching nextgen instead (espcialy if early 2022).

We will keep you informed how the project grows up, and hope you will be able to play it very soon (we will enter playtest this september).

See you for next update.

Build the Light team.

PS : we are looking for talents to help us inproving visuals, feel free to contact us.