Game Project: First Steps , Capture Points


I had a great game idea and atm I’m making the first steps for this game project.
Bought the UE4 2 weeks ago and I’m still in the “learning phase”. I’m doing this in addition to my occupation as software developer, therefore I don’t have much time for ue4 (but coding 24/7 is acutally great fun :> )

Until now,I 've written / created 15 sites for my Game Design / requirements and so on (no end in sight). I actually have good knowledge about what it needs and takes to create this game.

I don’t wanna bore you with any long game description, I’ll just show you what I’ve got until now.

It’s actually not that much, because I spent more time on learning how to create levels, blueprints, and especially 3D models via blender and already realized years ago (did some Game Dev w/o engines) that I’m definitely the worst artist ever seen :>
and sooner or later I’ll need an artist on my side anyway.

Here, is my low qualy video, where you can see that it’s possible to caputre a capture point with the ue4 character. The capture points are independent to each other, so any capture point which will be placed on the map is captureable by a character, it also doesn’t matter if you leave the capture area while capturing a capture point, the capture progress will stop until you re-enter the capture radius,
The capture progress is displayed by a blue capture bar (on the top). If you fully captured a capture point, a blue text on the top-left corner will appear, which tells you that your team has captured the capture point (by default it’ team blue if there isn’t another team on the map)

It’s actually not that much right now, but I’ll try to invest more time, using and learning ue4, to accelerate the progress of the game :>


Very Cool!

Hero Battle :o

You’re right!
I’m trying to resurrect Hero Battle from Guild Wars :>

I loved it. I played it all day before it wars removed from Guild Wars
good luck with this project :wink:

me too. Hero Battle was awesome :slight_smile:

Great to see that your project is making progress :smiley:
Best of luck for the future! :wink:

thank you ! :smiley:

Hello there , it’s nice to see some Guild Wars players here ^^
What are you trying to achieve with this game ? What is the goal and the concept and how far will it go ? :slight_smile:

Well, I’m trying to ressurect the PvP Mode Hero Battle(HB) from Guild Wars, because there isn’t any equalent Game or PvP mode out there like Hb
The Guild Wars 2 PvP is a little bit similar , but instead of using AI you play with a real players (I don’t like this at all )

A lot of old Guild Wars players complaint about this removal of this mode (I’m one of them :>), therefore it was always a great idea to rebuild the mode by my self.
I’m trying to create a Game with this Hero Battle PvP mode and make it more competitive and ofc finish it with a indiegogo/kickstarter crowdfunding.
It’s not sure if it will be f2p, p2p , but I think until the Beta tests , I have time for this :stuck_out_tongue:


This is perfect! Any chance you’d be able to PM me and let me know how you were able to get that to work? I’m a student trying to submit a game for my Final Game Project and the team and I are trying to create control points but we have no idea how to do that. Even a screenshot would suffice. Any help is help, thanks man!

Got any tutorials maybe?