Game Project Development Team [Looking]


I am currently starting an ambitious game project and am looking for the following talents to join the team:

  • Lead 3D modeler (creatures/characters/assets)
  • Lead Level designer
  • Lead Concept artist
  • Lead programmer (unreal engine)

If you’d like to know more about what the game is about, message me, or if you are interested in joining let me know and i’ll add you on discord.
(If you are an artist/level designer/modeler i would appreciate some of your work pieces to look at)

Have a good day,

Hey! I might be interested. I’m good with blueprints and very basic c++, but I can do most anything in the editor, given enough time. My discord is Tate Hertel#9673. Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Hi Tate,

Thanks so much for inquiring!
I was wondering if you could list a few of your abilities in using C++ and blueprints?
i will add you on discord after :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Sure thing! For blueprint I can make game play mechanics(Inventories, health/energy system, basic AI, I have done a little bit of save game work before, UI basically if it is in blueprints I can probably get something working. If you need to to be more specific feel free to ask :)). I’m not nearly as fluent with c++ as I am with blueprints. I have made basic characters in c++, pickups just really really basic stuff. Most of my work would probably be in blueprints, does that matter? Cheers, Tate


That’s extremely helpful and useful! For this will be a multiplayer game so inventory and saving data throughout on the servers will be important!
Here’s the discord link, i just want you to know that it is a long-term project and that if you want to take this position we’d hope for you to stay with us over the journey :slight_smile:

Look forwards to having you on the team!


I am intermediate in blueprint and am looking for a good chance to get some experience. I can program a medium range of things from grapple holing to double jumping. I can also handle gun mechanics such as aiming, shooting, reloading, etc; I can program health and experience mechanics and intermediate AI.

Hi im 3D modeler and I can help you

Hey there,

I am Christopher Bandura, an undergraduate game designer. With projects like these I would love to help out from a consulting point of view to make sure that the game itself works from a game design perspective. Additionally I have experience in project management (25+ man teams) , blueprinting (Also for AI and UI) and some other facets of game development.

let me know if you have interest in this or not by popping me a message on Discord at “Bandoro#6357”