Game Project as Per Everyone Else

Hello my name is Brandon,

I’m looking for some team members work with me on a project, the project is a mmo call mutagen some of the information is below,

The project is Royalties and when any fund raising is made you will also receive some funding based off that, this is divided depending on amount of work done.

I have some artwork such as character sheets, weapons and some world art, I’ve organised art once a week and I have also started a comic series for the group which I update often to see the worlds story first hand.

If you are interested in joining the project my skype is live:brandonsxbox or my email is the works causal.


Some of our artwork

Game Document

PS Only comment interest as anything else Ill ignore if you have any questions please contact via the information above thanks.


Front Sleeper

Back Sleeper

Armour Type

Rifle Npc Weapon