Game Production Process and how to collaborate effectively?

I am working on a game, however I won’t be able to do it by myself, so I need to collaborate. That leaves me with the following question:

**How do you effectively coordinate, organize and work together as a team on unreal / general game dev projects? **

It should touch on the following topics:

  • Basic terminology (I am probably not even using the right words for most stuff.)
  • Production Process Management (What should the process look like?)
  • Version Management (How to merge stuff, if there are multiple people working on it at the same time?)
  • Intellectual Property Management. (How do I make sure, that someone that contributed to the project doesn’t copy the content they have worked on into other projects, possibly releasing them before my project even finishes? For example, how to stop programmers from copying unique gameplay systems and code? How to stop unique assets from being used in other projects? etc.)
  • other stuff, that I might not even think about right now

Any general advice, hints, tips, links, guides are welcome!