Game Producer (6 Years of Experience)

Hello UE4 Community,

I’m currently looking for a serious Development Team to join and help out as a Games Producer. I have been working on games for nearly 7 years now. Over this time I have been working on several projects, including mods, indie games and a Graphic Design Studio. The engines I have been working with were mostly Cryengine and Unreal Engine but for a short time I also worked with on a Unity Project.

I’m making sure that the development flow can run without interruptions, keeping an overview on all development departments and have them going without getting stuck while ensuring the timely delivery of the highest quality product possible.

About me:

  • be able to work well in a team
  • have a solid knowledge of project management 
  • be able to learn new skills quickly 
  • possess high levels of self-motivation and confidence in dealing with complex situations
  • have a passion for games
  • be able to plan ahead, set objectives and prioritise
  • have good management skills
  • pay close attention to detail and have high standards of work

Other experiences I can bring:

  • Team Management & Coordinations
  • Game Design
  • Intermediate 3D Art Skills (Hardsurface)
  • Programming Principles (I’m not new to C++, C# but arent productive in those languages)
  • Basic Sound Design
  • Level Design

Most development related fields I did learn through helping out where help was needed. If a Project was missing a 3d Artist I helped out in this field. So development wise I’m more of a generalist, but my strengh lies more in Managment, Organisaton and Coordination.

If you have more Questions or would like to know more, please contact me via pm.

Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon.

Hey there, please send your CV and linkedin url over to . thanks!