game preformance?

Noobie here needing some help on game preformance. At least that is what i think it is. I have been working on a game for about a year now. It works fine on the computer i built it on. (16 gig of ram and graphics card). As a test, i packaged my game for windows and tried to play my game on another computer, 2 actually. both run of the mill laptops. they wont work.
I rebuilt the game in unity and tried the same thing. works fine.
what am i doing wrong in unreal? i want to use unreal so i can use blueprints. Im not a coder. Plus i like the way unreal handles textures.
Any advise is welcome.

What graphics card are they?

the laptops dont have graphic cards

im trying to come up with a game that can be played on any windows computer, say win7 or better. are there tricks to doing that?

The operating system isn’t the issue, if it’s running off the Intel GPU then you aren’t going to get good performance–those are way way below the recommended specs to run UE4.

You have to remove all of the fancy graphics, because the “no graphics card” laptops use built-in integrated graphics which don’t have the same performance as a stand-alone graphics card.

That being said, it’s still important to know what kind of built-in graphics is being used, because they are supposed to “work,” just run slow. What are the built-in graphics? What are the errors you get?

The main solution to that slowness is to run the game in a low resolution (1920 x 1080 has five times as many pixels to draw as 854 x 480)