[GAME] PC / VR - The Collider 2

We have just released The Collider 2 which is obstacles avoiding racing game.

Launch Trailer:

Challenge Trailer:

Drone Racing:

Here’s the video me playing it. Speed is intensive.

We had a lot of fun doing VR support for this game. Thanks to public tournaments we managed to create game that is really fast and playable on VR without sickness. (VR Preview#1, Preview#2) BUT the game supports normal mouse / pad without VR as well so you can play without any VR plugged in.

I have 5 codes that can be grabbed by Community. First 5 replies will get free steam code.

Does this reply count?

Yes, check your inbox.

And this one? :slight_smile:

I’m quite new to UE4 and VR but your work looks amazing! I’ve seen it on the shootertutorial website and can’t wait to test it. I was wondering if it will be available on Gear VR? I know it’s a different beast than the Vive or the Rift, but that would be awesome (even with reduced graphic quality ).

Anyway congrats to your team !

I really like the style of this game! Congrats! Is it compatible with the DK2?

Want one! Looks and feels incredible! Can I play it without VR sets?

If you still have keys count me in would love to try this.

Looks fantastic. Would love a key if you still have one.

Sorry for the delay! I have send the codes to first 5 responders!

You can play using VR or just with mouse without VR headset. Game is checking if VR is connected and if not turning into normal mouse/pad game.