[game] panchi

Hi everyone!

My brother and I are a team known as Artiknappa
(not founded yet, so follow me on twitter for updates! , and we’re currently working on our debut title: PANCHI!
At the moment we have a working prototype with one gamemode. But wait, you ask, what kinda game is it?

For release, we are aiming to create a tight and fun multiplayer game with multiple gamemodes reminiscent of those one might find in a childrens playground. To name a few examples: King of the Hill, Tag, Footrace, Ballgames, Defend a fort, etc.
The one gamemode that we have and are using as a basis for gameplay is a free-for-all, battle royale. This is already pretty fun, but unfortunately there’s no online yet, and we will probably focus on adding singleplayer/coop instead of online.


The core gameplay involves acrobatic feats such as doublejumping and walljumping, but the real meat is in the kicks (the bread-and-butter for comboing) and the finishing move: the panch, and the blockb which reverses the panch! Whenever you hit someone with either, your character grows stronger up to level 3, at which point the blast is gonna send your opponent into orbit!

Download a playable demo today at !!

Hot ****, that art style really set you up for a game that is a lot less intense than it actually is. I love it! Especially the sound design. Great work!!

Eyy, thanks a lot! The art style is still evolving, the goal is having it be quite obviously 3D, but feel the same as 2D. There’s still a winding road ahead of us before release so keep an eye out!

PS: I followed you on twitter steven, to make sure I’ll stay up to date with your project!

Did some work on modular gameplay surfaces today. I kinda want something similar to a 2d tileset, so I went ahead and put some cubes together.

With that I could make many shapes, with only one texture:

Next up is creating similar clusters of geometry that tile, for example a round one instead of a square one.
could be anything!

After spending some time with modular assets, I realized that I kept making them too general in an effort to get more value out of each mesh.
I was trying to cover too many gameplay situations with one package of modular assets.
So I found that it’s better to have a certain degree of modularity and smaller “sets” than try to make a large enough set to cover all options in one.

Here’s an example of a small type modular platform. This one is arbitrarily tall, but constant width:

It’s hard to capture every possible gameplay situation in one set, and having smaller sets allows each to focus on certain aspects of the mechanics.
For instance, the one in the picture promotes a lot of verticality in a map via walljump, and also precision jumps due to the width of the platform itself.
Another benefit of having specialized modular pieces instead of generalized ones is novelty, less repetition of texture.

So now that I’ve reached a workflow in making modular pieces, I can start on the next environment for Panchi! More on that soon…!

Here is a screenshot of the newest environment!

This is the Abyss, where the Judge resides. As long as he is not angered he is content on quietly watching over the fights.

A little update on our progress:

It’s now possible to play 1v1 on the same keyboard, and we’re working on ui options for keybinds and mixing keyboard and gamepad players.
We’ve rethought how auras and attack fx will work and are working on completing the 4 sets that will be in the full game, they will be Fire, Energy, Lightning and Dark, and will also be tied to pairs of opposite-colored characters.

There is a sneakpeek on the new lightning aura on Twitter :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more, or if you want to talk to us directly or maybe get your hands on a playable build come hang out in Discord!

Tumbleweed rolls by

Joking aside, it’s not always sharable what is going on in development…
I am currently working on overhauling the VFX in the game, because the old ones were visually unclear and a performance nightmare… Here’s a preview of some new auras!

They are still WIP, but it’s getting somewhere. All the other VFX are getting a similar overhaul.

Just necroed this thread and gonna update it again. There was a 1 year hiatus where we experimented with other games before returning to finish this! We just received two awards in the Norwegian Game Awards! Stay tuned here or twitter or join discord for chat, updates and sneak peeks!