Game Over not showing final score.


I have been following this guy’s tutorial however I can’t seem to get my score to show up once the time is up.

I got as far as to when the time runs out the Game Over screen shows up, however rather than displaying the score it just says 0.

My score is calculated within the Score Widget Blueprint

I use the player controller for clicking and collecting the pugs and then the score is shown on every pug I collect.

Following the tutorial I have created a funtion in the Interface called To get score

Then in my Game Over Widget Blueprint I did this going according with the tutorial Screenshot - cf79fe06fa876d1deed5719ae8ba62ec - Gyazo

All the help will be wonderful, I have a deadline in two days so it’s quite urgent to get it sorted. :slight_smile:

Umg in multiplayer can basically only know what the player attached to it knows. You need to store the score to gamestate and ensure when anything is added to the score it’s replicated to all.

If this is multiplayer…

Otherwise still store to gamestate… No need to replicate if single player.

That said

  1. Create variable points in gamestate.
  2. On collect pug cast to playerstate to add a point to current point value.
  3. In umg cast to playerstate in the get points to then plug in to the output on that portion. As right now that node you have there is getting nothing. There is nothing connected to the connected to the output for score so it’s returning nothing.