[Game] Outer Veil - mmofpsrpg


Hiya there, me and my small team are making our own mmofpsrpg (done mainly with blueprints, and converting it over to c++ after the prototype is done). So we are at the point now where we can start saying ‘hey, we’ve actually got some decent unique stuff done!’, so here it is.

The theme we are going for is a dystopian sci fi mmofpsrpg with heavy influence on social elements, think like Game of Thrones in a gritty cyberpunk future. Been at this a year and a bit now stubbornly working on, learning a lot of everything to get this done. If you ever played face of mankind, then you get the burning desire.

We are looking for helpers (no, its not paid, we don’t even pay ourselves, so you’ll be lucky :p).

Please come say hi on our forums if you are interested in the project or fancy offering your skills (do need some proper 3d modellers, texturers and level designers). Would really appreciate it :).

Another dev update for those that are interested in just what is happening here.

One of the older videos, but definately one of the more fun systems we developed.