[GAME] Origin of Storms

Hello! We’ve been working on a game called Origin of Storms that we recently debuted at play-nyc. ( The reception there was wildly successful so we’ve decided to switch to full production to get this going. We’re hoping to release on Nintendo Switch, PC-Steam , PS4 and XB1.

Origin of Storms began as my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts. The original idea was a game but I was pressured to make a narrative move/custscene rather than an interactive experience. Since then I’ve decided to get back on the idea of making a game. We’ve been working for 5 months since March of 2018.

Epic Games noticed us when we released my senior thesis movie and put us on their sizzle reel for April 2017.](

That really made us feel good and confident that we had something at the very least interesting.

Since then we reached out online to ask for some help to get us going and we got some buzz. The Game’s outreach lead from Kickstarter, Anya Combs, reached out to us to help us get our kickstarter running smoothly.

We’ve got some voice actors, Isaak Wells (Worked on Fallout 4, Family Guy, Skyrim, CoD and much more and our Main character’s voice, Abigail Turner( We’ve also got Alex Ruger on board, a hollywood sound designer/composer (

We got a super talented artist from Korea, Hyein Go ( on board for all of our character art. We also have a full time animator and concept artist, Hermann Kayode ( Hermann draws out each character’s moves so that our 3d animators rotoscope animate to keep the 2D feeling that Hermann provides.

The game itself plays very fast paced like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but there’s a hint of Bloody Roar in there. Each character represents an element and they have an elemental transform similar to Bloody Roar’s beast mode. The game will have a full single player story mode for each character, an arcade mode with ending art, a local versus mode, an online versus mode and if we reach every goal we plan, we’ll add another mode similar to Soul Calibur’s Chronicles of the Sword mode. It’ll be a mix of that with some of Fire Emblem’s strategy and character navigation. This will include the ability to create a character, of course.

All in all our first impression felt really good. We had an interview with @gaminwithnimbus:

We’ve also had an article published by Nerdier Tides:…gin-of-storms/

We’re not even in early access yet. My goal was to get good gameplay going before we have finalized assets. As far as we are concerned, this is still a proof of concept.

Here’s some gameplay:](

Please follow us on our social media platforms! We’re beginning to populate them and we’ll continue showing stuff moving forward!

Techraptor has written an article about us from our time at play-nyc!…igin-of-storms

SUPER HYPE! Check out a recap of our first expo at play-nyc! We showed our proof of concept to the public for the first time. Take a look at all of their smiling faces as they battled with their friends or complete strangers! Thanks to Playcrafting for hosting this event and thanks to Epic Games for making an amazing engine that we love to use!