[GAME] [OPEN BETA] Paper Gnome Village - Release on Google Play

Hey guys just Released a Beta Version of my Game Paper Gnome Village on Google Play

Its an Interesting Mixture of Tower Defense and Role Playing Hack 'n Slash

You Collect Gnomes and Use Them to Defend your Mushrooms and Gold Mine. Each Gnome can be Upgraded and Equipped with Items that they find on there own individual Adventures, they all have there own inventories.
Each Gnome is Randomly Generated with a Favorite Kind of Food, you can send Gnomes out on Adventures where they find random loot, food, and other items, sometimes encounters with monsters to earn some extra EXP and Gold. Still Pretty Early in Release and theres a lot of work to do, im developing the Whole Game Myself while using Art Assets from

If anyone has any Feedback id Love to hear it as im always trying to Improve the Game.
Currently the Game is Playable, With Save Data and What Not, but the Game might Undergo some changes in the future that might require starting your play through over,
Thank you and Have a Great Day!
-Cole DeVingo