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Platform: PC (Steam)
Engine: Unreal Engine
In development as of 2016



Fangold: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain is a free to play TCG of a new conception, with role-playing elements typical of MMORPGs and much irony. The adventure takes place in the Fangold Tavern, one of the few zones of Britain free from the war that batters the lands. There you can play the famous card game, which simulates the battles of the characters and creatures of the island.
Fangold is an all-around adventure, with storyline, a solid lore and many mysteries that wait to be discovered, in fact, if you need a break from this challenge whether against players and our dynamic AI, there is plenty to do: personalize the tavern, explore the nearby lands to discover new quests and gather materials.


  • Discover the basic sets of Fangold. Starting with 120 cards divided into 5 factions with their associated elements, the combinations will be many. Thanks to our experience as TCG players, we focused on every detail to give you the best experience possible.

  • Each turn you’ll get an increasing number of mana points needed to play cards. During your turn you can also convert these Mana Points into Elemental Points and use them whenever you want (they won’t revert to 0 in future turns) , this way you can store exceeding mana instead of wasting it. You need them to play elemental cards or to upgrade terrains. Choose wisely which element you convert your mana into since there are 5 different elements!

  • Try our ORIGINAL system of evolving terrain to make the match unpredictable. Strategy is a fundamental part of Fangold: upgrade your board to enhance your cards, but also remember to keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Choose your Summoner between 9 playable characters, uncover their story and learn more about the races of Britain.

  • Personalize your tavern with items won by playing or bought at the store. You will discover that each and every table in the tavern is part of a dynamic menu. All the taverns will be available to visit and the most beautiful might receive extra prizes.

  • Explore our ADVENTURE QUEST modality, during which your Summoner can complete daily, weekly and monthly quests earning back useful crafting materials and learning more about the mischievous creator of Fangold.

  • Challenge your friends or other players with our many modalities, as Skirmish, Ranked and Arena. And don’t forget you can play a 5vs5 team challenge.

  • Fight against your rival and the CPU at the same time. Our PvPvE consists in players facing each other along with external elements created by the CPU or the players.

  • Craft new cards and discover new recipes. Whoever discovers a secret card will see his/her name written into Fangold registers and visible by anyone under the card details.

Potato Killer Studios is a team that works online from many places in Italy, but first of all we are gamers with a huge passion for videogames, especially for fantasy MMO. We believe in cooperation, both when it comes to play and to work. Our goal is excellence, paying attention to any detail and wielding innovative and original ideas for our products.


Looks great! You might want to change the name of the game though. Quite the mouthful!