[GAME] Nothing More ConceptDemo

Hi all, i spent this year learning unreal4
I would like to share my work with you , let me know what you think ( & let me know if is properly posted)
As great fun of the “House of the dead” series i’v put my efforts in making a little demo concept to try some solution about the genre and make my first step using the blueprint of unreal to make custom A.I. pathfinding and more…
I didnt put in all what i was planning but all the meaningful parts are here and work correctly.

Sorry for low graphic but i was worried that too much graphic and unexperienced scripting would lag and freeze the game so i focus on minimalistic approach.
There is a large number of little Bugs but is quite stable so i am happy with the resoult.
If you wish take a moment to read the storyline and the intro (sorry for the ‘font’).

Demo video youtube

Storyline video youtube

How to play video youtube