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Hi guys so i have to be honest i am more than a little embarrassed to show this … Mainly due to the awesome works that are going to be surrounding it. But what the hell I have to show it sooner or later . Most of the assets are placeholders and i have a LOOOONG way to go. The twitchyness is due to the fact that i am using a keyboard rather than my xbox pad…Which my kids are using lol

First off…I was very happy to see that all money raised by jackys game will be going to children with life limiting conditions. Since my son has duchene muscular dystrophy Secondly That game looks incredible … I do have a very long way to go. But i am far better at 3d modeling than i am at using unreal engine so props and models should not be an issue . Making a game that does not feel thrown together might be hard tho …And after seeing that video i am hating the fact that my game has no verticality to it :frowning: But am not ambitious enough to change that at this stage

Ok guys …So i am thinking maybe i should take my game less seriously and use a much easier art style . I have built this very simple low poly scene to try and visualise what a low poly version of my game might look .I emphasise very simple it took me maybe 5-10 minutes .I did not want to go low poly since everybody and there cat seem to be doing it but i think its going to have a more consistent look if i use an art style that is very easy to do …If that makes sense Anyway guys do you think this more simple / android game looking style will suit my game?

Hi franktech .I did check out the voidrunner game.It looks epic .If that is not the project you are refering to im lost. and i also cant find the message from you in my pms .I did read it yesterday but it has since vanished so i can not go back and look to see if i missed anything .

Hi and yes And thank you

Hi franktech . i do not have any more information other than the first few lines in the steam store page . I am sorry i am not sure what you mean. I simply noticed that the store page says that all revenue created by the game will go to a charity.A specific charity is not mentioned .And i did not look into it any more. So i know as much as you at this stage … Or am i confused( would not be the first time)…Anyway i came here to thank you Franktech for all the great advice and help with my game. It is advice that i should certainly listen to .However I have a serious case of shiny object syndrome… And hence i want to get this game finished and out of my head .I have a few features to add but as far as art style goes i will be going down the low poly route .Simply because its quick and easy .I have never had any desire to sell my games so competition is not a big deal for me .I simply want to get the game finished so that i can move on.Thanks again Franktech you have been very patient and understanding .

Its quite simply a coping mechanism franktech . My sons condition will eventually kill him.Im not trying to be shocking just telling the truth .I love games always have done Making games keeps my brain occupied .And since i am his full time carer i cannot work so this keeps me sane at night when hes in bed .And contrary to my last post Ultimately i would love to create a game that is of a standard that i can sell it and maybe make a little money towards a few charities much like the game you showed me . Also It was always my dream job growing up but i never had the intelligence or the social skills needed to go to college etc and learn …So here i am … screenshot1.jpg

Hey thanks franktech . Also i love machu picchu Would love to go there one day so maybe there a subconscious link lol.Also i have added up down movement but added a bool so that it can be turned on and off maybe i will use it maybe i wont but it is there now … Also you have no idea how much you have helped bud … And i thank you sincerely.

Hi @anon26787504,

I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I have a 3yo boy and a 3 week old (!) boy myself and I can only imagine what you are going through :(. What originally got me interested in learning to make games was the thought of eventually making and playing games with my sons! Its been a long road since I started over a year ago, but so, so satisfying. Like @franktech said, never give up! You are making great progress and the game already looks like it will be fun (love the sense of speed!).

I’m super busy lately, but in between feedings I like to troll the forums on my phone and I’ve seen many of your posts about your game. I just released a similar project after 11 months of work so a lot of issues that you may encounter, I’ve already figured out. Feel free to PM me if you ever get stuck and I’ll try to help you best I can (PMs send me emails, so its easier for me to keep track).

Just remember that it will only get easier - the more you learn the easier everything else becomes (almost exponentially easier), so don’t lose heart and think you aren’t “smart” enough to do it - trust me, you can!

Keep us updated on your progress and shoot me a PM if you get stuck :slight_smile:

Hi again guys . And thank you coqui games i appreciate that a lot .I also have 3 more kids including a teenage daughter so yup it can be pretty stressful at times . Lol Hey franktech guess what bud…I am no longer in a rush to complete this game as i have kinda started to like the look of it . Now i just have to keep tabs on my ideas and not let them get to big . I have also started writing a physical notebook instead of making notes on my computer .Thanks for that advice .I would like to revisit the collision issue . Since i want to create collectables and the on sensing pawn is going to be hit and miss with that … If i could change my main collision checking to on hit event. I could then use overlap for my triggering events and so on . I feel better about revisiting that issue now . Should i make another thread over on visual blueprints?..Ok guys thanks a whole bunch you are legends …Oh in case your wondering im 33 lol.

Hi guys so . My game is not much fun …But it plays well and looks ok …ish lol I have added a shooting mechanic and i am now just trying to tweak the speed and things to get consistent game play. Before i show the video please ignore the cheesball sounds. I made them with fruit loops and audacity…2 more programmes i cannot use :stuck_out_tongue: Also you will notice that my ship is often travelling to fast and actually shoots itself …But these are probably going to be simple fixes …Anyway thanks for looking

Ok guys so I am yet again getting bored of this game. I have so many more ideas i could be starting on but i am trying very hard to follow tim ruswicks advice and “finish a ■■■■ game” And truth be told i started this game with that in mind since it is a very simple idea . Could i get some advice on your honest opinions on this game is it worth continuing with should i change the art? Should i file it under ■■■■ and move on Be honest guys … Please

You are spot on franktech … I think my disinterest is born from the fact that i do not care about this world . I have always wanted to create games with a narrative .And the simple nature of this games simply does not lend itself to that at all . But at the same time i do not think i am …infact i know am not at the level it takes to create a story driven game .The ideal thing to do would be take tim ruswicks advice and get this game finished . .But at the moment i cannot bring myself to open up the project …Plus i feel like i owe it to the likes of you to not give up on a project you have helped me so much with . I think maybe i am just obsessing to much and i should just take a break from thinking about dev for a day or two

Sooo yh i sat quiet for an hour or two played a few rounds of csgo. And then watched another video from tim ruswick over at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_hwKJdF3KRAy4QIaiCSMgQ
And suddenly had the motivation to build my main menu and just push on …If it ends up being terrible it will still be better than maybe 30 percent of free games available ok more like 5 percent
…But i have a new issue one which im sure you can help me fix franktech i will make a new post in visual blueprinting . I f you would kindly go check it out i would be very greatful