[GAME] Night and Day - Side scroller based on Nordic and viking mythology.
Everything in here is made by me, drawing, animating, programming, designing. Save system is modified from Isaac Threedarts creation of save mechanics in blueprints. I’m thankful for everyone who has helped each other in Unreal Engine 4 community since that is the place where I figured out most of my problems!
After this intro level there will be more absurd level design and with more surrealistic elements. More power ups will be created and rpg elements added. If you die, you re-spawn in the same scene where you died, this will be used later on in help of a player with harder rooms.

Story is written based on Nordic mythology, you will be playing as Skoll (seen here) on day stages and as Hati (brother of Skoll) in night stages where it will be more action oriented. There will be a lot more metroidvania (castlevania and metroid game style) stylish back tracking and gaining power ups in the game.

Last scene (village) will be filled with enemies, currently in drawing, and you will have to destroy your way through wooden objects to get safely past.

This is the first level of the game and it is sectioned in multiple screens since this will be also available on mobile when finished.