(Game) My official 1.0 release of my game "Soulmate"

Soulmate is a game about what insanity can create, in a world full of coincidences.

  • Gameplay

Magic- Guns-, it’s all here. The gameplay will be focused heavily on skill, reaction time, and connecting combos. The Combat has been created originally, you will use different abilities to takedown different monsters, while also having to balance finding an enemy’s weakness. You won’t find yourself mashing the same button over and over, rather, you will experience a new system that will introduce new mechanics to what is considered “Combat”.

  • Art

Soulmate wants to not just deliver a game that can be fun to experience, but beautiful to look at. RTX has been included, and so has DLSS. To make the most out of this game, these two are the key factors that turn Soulmate into a visual to remember.

  • Story

You play as Corrin, an average teen going through what everyone else has to deal with- school, drama, broken, faded, and hurting friendships- while also dealing with problems from what appears to be fate. Monsters- Demons-, they all have an impact on Corrin’s life, leading to an adventure that only he can push through. As the years pass by, only the future is his hope.

Hey @MMumble,

Gotta say, the voice acting at the beginning is spectacular. Super professional sound :slight_smile:

Also, I just adore the look of your game, it’s flashy and very new-age-esque. Especially the ability animations, they’re so well done. Hope you keep up the great work and keep sharing your art.

Sending lots of support,