[GAME] My first UE4 Flynguin Station is now available!

Hello guys!

After years of using ue4, and doing various demos, tests and other unfinished games, I am very happy to release my first UE4 game Flynguin Station!

It’s a simple, casual projectile/endless runner game, where you have to fly/slide a penguin as far as possible.


  • Level Up! As you play the game, you’ll earn experience to level up your penguin. Leveling up grants you research points, customizable rewards, and other rewards that you can use to improve your penguin’s research level and odds.
  • Play-To-Win. No micro transactions! No life limits! The playing field is equal to all! Money and Research points are earned by playing. Just play the game to level up, obtain in game currency and make your penguin better than the others. Make use of the catch up mechanics every day to keep up with your friends progression.
  • Randomized World. No two flights are the same! The world ahead and it’s obstacles are randomly generated. You won’t learn the track ahead, but instead react to the obstacles up ahead. Keep your mind sharp and your fingers quick.
  • Research Ranks. There are 46 different research categories to improve with no limit to how many points you can spend on one category. Plan your long term strategy and make your penguin different from other competitors! Got in-game money to spare? Keep buying more research ranks and get an edge on your competitors.
  • Steam Leaderboards. Compete against your friends online to see who can go the furthest. See where they stop along the track and be sure you let them know you are better than them. You can inspect your friends’ equipped objects and research ranks to compare them to your own. See how your penguin is different and better, or learn new strategies from the top players.
  • **Penguin Creator. **Earn various skins and parts for your penguin as you play the game. Design your penguin to your personality. Change your penguin’s skin, beak pattern, eyes, and feet. Your penguin’s look is your own.
  • In-Depth Physics. Take into consideration altitude, air density, air drag, gravity and other variables while flying. Multiple effects stack! Go the extra mile!

Thanks for checking it out! ANd please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. We plan to keep the game alive with updates to expand on the world, and the ideas. There are many ideas of features we want to add to the game that we haven’t had time to do so until now.