[Game][MVP]Dungeon Fighter - A Top down rogue-like

I want to share with you what I am currently working on since a few months.

About me:
I am from France and I develop video games during my free time. I started learning unreal engine 4 2 years ago. This my first prototype that is playable.

About the game:
Number of player: Solo
Camera: Topdown view
Gameplay: Dungeon exploration, rogue-like, “hack and slash”
Graphic: 3D Low Poly
Assets: All are free assets
Description: Try to go as far as you can. Each time you enter into the dungeon, it become stronger.

Main features:

  • Ability system (with an original cooldown system, like Gloomhaven)
  • Procedural dungeon (With premade room)
  • Inventory and equipment item (“procedural equipment”)
  • Talent tree

What to expect next:

  • More monsters and a Boss
  • Permanent rewards (item to drop, abilities, talents,…)
  • Merchant to buy some stuff

Some screenshots:

And a gameplay video:

Feel free to try it here: - Google Drive

Let me know which dungeons level you reached :slightly_smiling_face:

Every feedbacks are welcomed !


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Hey SojuBoy0007,

I could totally see myself spending hours running in circles just cleaning up mobs with my pretty green tornado of doom.

Great project and love the music for the youtube video.
Can’t wait to see more ! :raised_hands: