[GAME] MusicalSnake | a hard rhythm game

Musical Snake is a rhythm game (kinda) where you have to press any button to either change direction, jump or teleport to dodge obstacles

current levels:
beginning (medium difficulty)
war (medium)
fluoresent forest (medium)
sans (hard)
xpartMIDI (weird)
game theory (hard)
wall-e (medium)
wandering (easy)
mars arrival (medium)
necromancy (hard)
life could be a dream (medium)
epilogue (medium)
change log :
-every level is now open, but for the level to be completed you still must get 7+ food
-3 new levels
-added new Reflex Mode : once you enable reflex mode you must press a specified button to send an input, if you dont press the specified button you dont send an input
-added new Game Speed : you can now change the speed of the game! you can change it from 0.75 to 2.0 speed!, this can help people who are not good at rhythm games to get started, or it can be a challenge for hardcore players
-general improvements to the experience

i would really appreciate some feed back and ideas.

download :…Snake.exe/file