Game Music - Specifically Retro/Chip tune

Hey everyone!

Now there are many ways to add music and atmosphere to your creations.
Custom music you create yourself, purchased marketplace or other sites like epicsound etc. Along with fully paid for unique Music (not cheap).

But have any of you considered chiptunes? Especially those of you making retro styled arcade games or something similar.

I am currently developing a remake of a classic 80s game, to which I will announce once the demo is finished, hopefully soon. And I needed music to match.

So I went out on a limb and contacted the creator of the original sound track to the game I am recreating. None other than the great Rob Hubbard (those that know, know. Those that don’t, really should check him out). This guy is one of the great grand daddies of 8bit music or chiptunes as you call them.

Imagine my surprise after a couple of days speaking with Rob and then speaking to another great chiptune master remixer, Chris Abbott, I had licensed the rights to the music I wanted.

That said you don’t need to be recreating an old classic, they have remixes and also recently, they have converted some of those old classics to orchestral feats!

Anyway I’m not affiliated in anyway nor getting any financial gain from this whatsoever. But feel free to check out what they do, and their music is available for licensing.

Oh and both of them are real nice guys too, like seriously.

8-Bit Symphony

C64 Audio

Check them out if you’re interested, also let me know what you guys think of using retro tunes, and your thoughts on the alternatives!