[GAME] Music inspired game

Hello everyone,

I have recently started getting into blueprint scripting with Unreal, and as a way of actually getting to know it better, decided to make a game project around it.
That way, I’ll implement what I learned and when faced with problems, try and get them fixed.

Now for the game itself, I had this idea for quite some time and thought of working with that for the project (albeit smaller than the original idea).
The idea is that you, the player traverse a silent world, in which you ofcourse encounter enemies. Now to defend yourself, you yourself don’t actually attack.
You find other “creatures” in that world to fight for you. You do this by controlling them by playing a tune around them. Depending on which tune, they’ll attack in different ways.
That’s where the music part comes in; The tunes will be defined by different types of genres of music. One will be unlocked at the start, others will have to be found.
In the attachments, I made out a more outlined description of the main elements of it and what I aim to get done.

And that’s it for now. Onwards to the future updates!


Well then, time for a long overdue update on this thread.

As it stands now, I have chosen to leave animations for a later date.
The movement for the character is already in place, as is a blueprint for the bots to follow the player around. For now they just go to where the player is, next objective is to actual make them stay in a circle around the player.
A blueprint for pedestals on which new tunes will be found has been made as well, setting a new tune as primary upon activating it.

For later this week, I want to sketch out the graphical look of the characters for one. For two figure out a way to let the bots position themselves in a circle around the player whenever they catch up to him when he moves.
Aside from that, fiddling around with the particle system is also on the menu.


New update,

I found a handy tutorial for the AI following you around in fixed positions. By way of using the Blackboard and Behaviour Tree I was able to make the AI follow me around in my vicinity, and also make him look at (target) enemy bots when around me.
The only thing I need to look at a bit is the AI that sometimes stops along the way, probably because he achieved the first “assignment” in his behaviour tree by reaching the specific spot around me. He then catches back up to me shortly after.

I haven’t made it so that they fire at the enemies yet, but I have found a tutorial about firing projectiles as well, so we’ll see how that goes.