"Game"Module not found, please recompile. Every time i change the code

Hi there,

i have a strange Problem. I created my Project in the new Version 4.18. All works just fine. Since i added a new c++ class, a simple trap, every time i start the game in standalone mode or Change the Code and compile it, i get the error that the game module (the maingame) is not found. Also it say, that the advanced session plugin was made with a different engine. I downloaded the new Version for 4.18.

If i Close the Editor and recompile the Project with VS2015 it works without an error. But that works only once. If i start the standalone (with 2 Players on listen Server) and Close it, and then restart the standalone game again, the same error Comes up.

What can cause this error/bug? I changed nothing on the main Code. I only added the new c++ class and now i get this error.

Hello Beregron,

This could be a mix of issues with Hot Reloading and with the Advanced Sessions plugin itself. When you downloaded the Advanced Sessions plugin, where did you place it? After adding it, did you generate project files again for the project? Can you try without the Advanced Sessions plugin enabled to see if you still experience this issue?

Hi Matthew,

i tried it without plugins and it is realy working. As soon i activate the Advanced Session Plugin or the SAVIOR plug in, then after i compile it (in Editor or in VS), even if i don’t Change the Code, the error appears.

For now i don’t Need the plugin, but later it is not that good that i have allways to restart the Editor with full rebuild over vs. It’s just a Workaround.

Oh ok,

i tried it again. If i deactivate the plugins and then recreate the Project files, the error still appears. If i compile the Code without to chang something, then it says that my game module is not found or was build with a different engine Version.

If i Change in the Code something, like in the LOG the text and recompile, the error don’t appear. Strange.

I’m still not able to reproduce this and I’m not sure why this would be happening. I can only assume it’s related to some other Visual Studio issues that we’ve been seeing which you can see here: UE-51608 as the extra Visual Studio instances can cause some out of date solutions.

I was able to reproduce this and it seems that it is caused by using the Compile button in the editor rather than building in Visual Studio. A bug report was entered for this but the developers of this section of the editor have mentioned that this is the intended functionality. Please compile directly in Visual Studio instead.

Report: UE-50753