Game module ?? help

ok so I just downloaded the engine wow it was huge didn’t expect 7g
anyway I push the Launch button at the new screen I chose new project, named it EricTestProject then (for whatever reason) visual express opened itself up loaded something I don’t know what. After a minute or two of loading it stopped leaving me here with just visual express sitting open, I haven’t used visual express in over 8 years, so I was like ok and shut it down. then re-opened unreal pushed the Luanch button again now I have new choice, the EricTestProject I pushed that but instead of getting a sweet game engine it loads for a few seconds then I get this screen says;

“The game module ericTestProject could not be found, please ensure that module exists and is compiled.”


So is there a tutorial I missed somewhere that can teach me how to open the engine editor? All the tuts I find start with the editor open already.

Hi McTune,

Please post your question to the answerhub at so we can better assist you. Thank you!


nice man thanks. just ask again elsewhere please. no one has you weird problems mctune… answerhub

Anyway just incase someone else has this prob an reads this I finally got the editor to open just had to try and try again. new project over and over 5th try is what worked. :slight_smile: