Game Mode View Error

I think I broke the engine. I tried to take a high-res screen shot, multiplied by 3, and checked all the boxes. Now when ever I go into game mode, on any level in this project, screen goes 100% green. Not a green tint, not a green hue, literally a solid green.


Hi Scizz,

Thanks for the feed back. I just have a couple questions.

You said it happens in any level of the game project. Have you tried reproducing it in a new project?

Also, when you refer to Game Mode, do you mean going into Game View by toggling the G-key or ticking the check box in the drop down arrow of the perspective viewport?

Thanks, TJ

Alright, I managed to reproduce it in a new project, and fix it as well.

When you go to take a high-res screenshot, if you enable the “Use custom depth as mask” option, you screen turns a solid green. Where the problem is, is when you actually TAKE the screenshot. After taking the screenshot, whatever mode you were in, wether it be game view or not, will always be a solid green there after, and you will have to select “use defaults” under the show tab next to the view mode tab

in the editor in order to fix everything. Even after restarting my computer, the issue was still there until I changed this setting.

Also, when I refer to “Game Mode” I’m referring to pressing G in editor as well as checking game view in the view port options tab.

ouu hey, it helps me a lot, thanks you !!!

genius! thanks -.-

THANK YOU! saved the day

Yes! this is the answer! Many thanks.

4.20Can’t solve this way