Game mode tutorials or examples?

Hi, i am looking for tutorials or examples of how to make game mode blueprints. Does anyone know any good sources?

Game mode is basically list of settings. You can set same settings in project settings.
But for convenience epic created that game mode blueprint, so instead setting them all separately you can swap them together and set different game modes.

In my understanding a game mode is a bit more than a list of settings. A game mode is the implementation of the rules in the game.

Yes and those game rules are changed by connecting different pawns, controllers etc. to the game.

For eg. when you have game where player can play on strategy level something like risk game, and while down to battles games is 2d space shooter.
You have different pawn on risk level (which is just camera and interface), then you have different pawn (and player controller) in space mode.
For such thing you use 2 game mode blueprints, one for risk one for RTS part, or you create blueprint graph that switches pawns, controllers, AI controlletr etc.

Also unreal is very flexible you can do this all in level blueprint, or player controller etc. There are no rules forcing anybody to use most of classes to do certain things.

I am looking for the basics, how do I make my maps change, set spawns for the teams, add match timers, create objectives, ect. for a multiplayer game.