Game mode spawns new character instead of using editor character

I developed a character in a project created from a C++ template. I’ve started a new C++ project entirely from scratch. I imported the code and assets into this new project, and now I’m trying to get my main side scroller character working again. (I have a 2D main character in a 3D world, and couldn’t work out how to accomplish that using any of the templates as a starting point. The concept does look viable though, and amusing!)

In several of the template projects, you have a custom your_projectGameMode class that sets up a custom your_projectCharacter as the player character. These template projects all include an instance of your_projectCharacter in the editor as well, and you can set a variety of parameters there, as well as overriding parameters set in the code.

In my current project, when I hit play, the instance of my character I have in my level does not come to life under my control. Instead, a new character spawns at the player start, minus the settings I tweaked in the editor, and rotated the wrong way.

All the template projects animate the character that’s in the editor, so I know it’s possible. It has to be some setting I’m missing, and I’ve been searching for it, comparing template projects to my project, and banging my head against this for hours now. I started the project from scratch twice trying to solve this. I’m really frustrated, and I’ve really been trying hard to figure this out without hand holding.

I would love a hint at this point.